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to The Wellness Commons

The Wellness Commons promotes physical, mental, emotional + spiritual wellness via a collaboration of specialized health practitioners. 

Our common goal is for you to thrive.


01 about

Welcome to The Wellness Commons

A natural + holistic health clinic located in Laguna Beach, California. 

"The clinic was born out of my dream to create a soul filled space for people to find solace, health + healing techniques to thrive in today's busy world. The Commons is a place where people will find honest, specialized + virtuous practitioners that work in many aspects of natural + holistic health for optimal client care + results." Alana Keith

We are a collaboration of practitioners that individually + collectively embrace a whole being holistic approach to ultimate health, healing + well-being. Your health - physically, mentally, emotionally + spiritually is our priority. 

The Wellness Commons will equip you with tools, skills, practices + education to flourish. Our common goal is for you to thrive. 


02 who we are

How it works

03 how it works

1. Choose the practitioner from the above list that best suits your needs. If you are unsure send us an email here and we will direct you.

2. Contact your chosen practitioner via the link in their bio to schedule an appointment: in person or virtual.

3. Once you are scheduled we will ask you to complete a confidential intake form and waiver prior to your appointment. This information is important for us to review your history and plan a session accordingly so we ask you take the time to complete this thoroughly.

4. During your appointment expect your practitioner to be attentive, ask questions and make a plan with you based on your goals and the progress (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) you would like to make. We all have different offerings and modalities - your practitioner will give you further details on what to expect.

5. Following your appointment we will follow up with you and provide anything additional required to get you well on your way to thriving - that is our common goal.

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05 contact

Thank you for joining us

meditation & mindfulness mornings

at The Wellness Commons | 8-8:30 am Daily


654 N Coast Highway, Laguna Beach CA 92651

You are invited to join a beautiful community of meditators. You will be guided by experienced practitioners using various techniques and experiential lessons to help bring you to the present and heal your energetic, physical, and emotional bodies.

  • Please note: drop-ins are welcome.

  • To guarantee availability, because we have limited spaces:

    • Please schedule as many sessions as you would like by clicking on a teacher’s name below, scheduling your date(s),

    • And then clicking the back arrow above the calendar to schedule with another teacher.

    • Bios for our teachers are above.


  • We will have a variety of mats, blankets, cushions, chairs etc for your comfort, so feel free to just show up. 

  • You may also bring your own yoga mat or pillows.

  • Love Offerings (donations) are welcome. We will share how to make an offering at the sessions.


(If you realize you cannot attend, please cancel ASAP)

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